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The THREAD Team is a small group of seasoned event professionals with over ten years of experience in the wedding industry. With diverse training in hospitality, nonprofit, and design, we are uniquely positioned to approach events from various angles, which helps inform our big picture approach. We find inspiration in everyday life and take cues from our environment. Our passions lie in helping people tell their stories through curated events.

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The Founder

With over a decade of experience in the events industry, Ashley brings an analytical eye and resounding sense of style to any celebration. She has perfected the art of tablscapes and spreadsheets, making for a harmonious marriage of the two sides of her planning brain. A collaborative approach and calm presence allows for the work of weddings to feel as though you’re spending time with an old friend. A lover of wine and good eats, Ashley spends her time at home enjoying the simple pleasures of life with her husband Brian and their dog Dylan.



Lead Planner

Since beginning her event work in NYC 4 years ago, Chelsea has been involved in all types of event production - from catering festivals and designing pop-ups to organizing community workshops and, of course, coordinating weddings! With a passion for getting crafty and diving deep into details, she is always on the lookout for inspiration from new design trends and creative media outlets to apply to her work. (*Hint: Kinfolk Magazine & designsponge are favorites!) Aside from bringing fun, thoughtful events to life, she also finds joy in spending time outdoors and experimenting with healthy recipes in the kitchen.

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