Hotel Blocks

Hotel Blocks got you stressed?

As wedding planners we've done it all, including coordination hotel blocks for our clients. Planning a wedding can be a long & stressful process, but luckily you don't have to do it alone. We have your back!


Tips for blocking rooms:

1. Do it Sooner Rather Than Later...

It is best to have your hotel block finalized after you mail your save the dates but before you send out those invitations. People will begin planning their stay arrangements anywhere from 6-3 months out from your wedding so having a direction to point them in early will make them feel at ease.

2. Know the Lingo...

Committed vs. Complimentary?? Hotels have different terms for how they block rooms. A committed block requires whomever is blocking the rooms to guarantee those rooms will be filled. If this fails to happen you might get stuck holding the check for the empties, so know the terms before you sign.

3.  Block Where You Want to Stay

Many hotels offer deals for the happy couple. If you block where you stay, your hotel may offer anything from a complimentary room to a free upgrade for a wedding suite all in the name of love!